Thelonius, otherwise known as the Mad Monk, is the first antagonist encountered in Metalstorm: Aces. You fight against Thelonius in the tutorial, the Duel at Dawn, Tropical Retreat and 1,000-Mile Journey. He pilots the Temple In The Sky.





Before the betrayal of the Aces, Thelonius will fight you to evaluate your skills. After a quick battle, he will leave, claiming that you have great potential.

Duel at DawnEdit

Work in Progress.

Tropical RetreatEdit


1,000 Mile JourneyEdit



Despite being one of the primary antagonists, Thelonius is an honorable warrior that always shows respect towards a worthy adversary. He treats every opponent like a student, giving them advice and punishing them for mistakes. Thelonius is gracious in defeat, complementing the main character when shot down.


  • Thelonius bears tally marks on his arms and broken handcuffs, implying that he was once in prison.

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