This page includes a guide to the campaign mode for Metalstorm: Online. It will describe in depth all the instructions you will need to become a MetalStorm Ace!


You are part of Helios Squad, which belongs to the Royal Legion's Air Force. The squad is composed of Cmd. Vargas, Lieutenant Copperhead, yourself, and your wingman(optional). Your job is to go with a fleet of ships to Port Crescent, in Markovia, and put down a rebellion. There is a total of 5 missions, culminating in the takeover of Port Crescent. Admiral Durant is your overall commander, but he only orders you around occasionally.


1.Hunt for the Dominus. Listen to the conversation, as it will give you important background information, unless you already read my background paragraph. You will be heading straight ahead, towards several yellow radar blips. Once the red lock icon appears, proceed to fire missiles until the plane explodes. Repeat as nessacary for each plane, using yellow arrows to find enemy planes that are out of your sight. Once you are finished, you will face three warships, painted in red and gray, with a large yellow square identifying them. Accelerate until red lock icon appears. Proceed to fire both missiles and cannons in order to destroy each warship. Now you have finished the first mission!

2.Factory on the Sea

Although only the second mission, it can be tricky if you aren't careful. Your job is to get to the factories on the biggest island and destroy them. Unfortunately, there are two obstacles in your way: Several artillery posts surround the island, and a yellow shield covers the factory.

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