Iggy $parX, known as just Iggy or $parX is an Ace and the second antagonist encountered in Metalstorm: Aces. He appears in Midnight CityData Haven, and Turf Wars. Iggy pilots the Anarking.



Appearances Edit

Midnight CityEdit


Data HavenEdit


Turf WarsEdit



Iggy is one of the youngest of the Aces, and his behavior reflects this. He's a talented computer hacker that's both energtic and brash, referring to the protagonist as "old timer" and "old man". $parX may have a more compliant side to him, however, as the loading screen message suggests that he's overly submissive to his mother.


  • Compared to other Aces, $parX's dialogue is arguably the most modern, as he uses words and catchphrases that are commonly used today.

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