OfficialFB-Ichabod Bennet

Ichabod Bennet M1

VS. Ichabod Bennet Mission 1

Ichabod Bennet is the ace of the special event The Monster and the Fool. In the first mission, A Miserable Pile of Secrets, Icahbod pilots the Dhampir.
Ichabod Bennet M2

VS. Ichabod Bennet Mission 2

In the second mission, You Meddling Kids, he pilots the Vargulf. Third mission is the Necrarch. For more on the Dhampir, Vargulf and Necrarch, check out their


Tips on CombatEdit

A Miserable Pile of SecretsEdit

Makes sure to not get in the line of fire when he shoots his cannons at you.

You Meddling KidsEdit

Old Apple Peeler is the same special missile Bonnie has.

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