FA-92 Odyssey
Basic Info
Cost 180
Class DefenceClass Defense Class
Extra Stats

This is a MetalStorm: Online plane.

The Odyssey has decent stealth at +8%, with only the Juggernaut and Arbiter edging it out both at +10%. Here is a surprise - a defense class plane with increased damage! This will be the first defense class plane in the fleet with an upper for damage at +5%. This will make the Odyssey better for damage than any agility class planes and in the ballpark of weapons class plane damage. It also has Missile Resistance, a unique characteristic only for defense class planes. At +10%, the Odyssey now easily becomes BEST IN FLEET for missile resistance.  Armor is also very good at +12% which is second in fleet only to the Juggernaut. Overall a pretty impressive defense class plane. At 180 coins, its not too badly priced, but the missile resistance is pretty interesting for the Odyssey.

This aircraft represents the Harrier jump jet.

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