F-51 Hawken

The price and stats of the F-51 Hawken

This is a MetalStorm: Online plane.

Statistics Edit

  • +12% damage
  • +10% agility
  • +10% missile reload
  • +5% lock speed.

Strategy Edit

In a dogfight with a faster plane, you should always stay behind the enemy plane in missile lock range. This is to take advantage of the Hawken's increased missile lock and reload speed. If you want to increase the missile reload speed, take both ranks of the Magnetic Missile Rails upgrade, to increase the missile reload speed to a whopping 46%.

Trivia Edit

  • The F-15C Eagle, which the Hawken is based off of, is the most successful tactical fighter in modern history, with 100 aerial kills. The F-15C first flew in 1972, and entered service in 1976.

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